Myrna Folkert

Read: Proverbs 3:5-6

The Lord . . . will make straight your paths. (vv. 5-6)

While visiting in Alaska, my husband and I hiked a mountain. The beginning seemed easy, but as we neared the halfway point he asked several times if I’d rather turn around. We weren’t properly prepared with gear of any kind, yet I became determined to keep climbing even though I’d recently had foot problems.

Peering up the mountain and complaining would never get me to the summit. My fear of heights made me unsteady when I looked down the sides of the mountain, so I kept my eyes on my feet. It was my decision to climb and now there was no turning back. Near the top we were directed to take alternate left and right turns. We obeyed the sign “No cutting across switchbacks.” Rocks could fall, and injuries could occur. The path seemed longer, but it was less dangerous.

In life, when we come to a rocky path in the form of a tough decision or a hardship, we’d rather take a shortcut to make the path quicker and easier. But we need to have the patience to trust and follow God through the “switchbacks.” We need to rely on him and his knowledge instead of our own. Let’s bring decisions we have to make before God in prayer, be willing to be corrected by his Word, and heed wise counsel. If you submit to him, he will be the light on your path to ensure that you walk where he desires. —Myrna Folkert

Prayer: Father of creation, you know the correct path for me. Help me to follow you.