Like a Tree

Myrna Folkert

Read: Psalm 1

He is like a tree planted by streams of water. (v. 3)

This beautiful psalm presents imagery contrasting the way of life with the way of death. Those who choose life are blessed (v. 1). They refuse wicked advice, sinful lifestyles, and mocking laughter. Instead, they delight in “the law of the Lord,” God’s moral instruction for life. Such people are like a healthy, fruit-bearing tree that is nourished beside a riverbank. We need to pray for the ongoing desire to love and meditate on the Scriptures and gain wisdom. Such a life produces attitudes and actions that honor the Lord. The Holy Spirit helps believers to understand God’s will as we read the Bible and put into practice the teachings of Jesus (Matt. 7:24).

In stark contrast is the other choice: the faithless life, which is the way of death. Those who do evil are called “the wicked” (v. 4). Theirs is a different path; after committing sin, they sit around scoffing at those who actually do what is right. They are like chaff, the dry outer husk covering kernels of grain, which when tossed into the air is blown away by the wind. Such people do their will, not God’s.

The Lord knows and cares for those on the path of life, but the path leading to death ends in destruction. Now is the time for you to choose life if you’re heading down the wrong path.

—Myrna Folkert

Prayer: Lord of nature and seasons, help me to be like a tree soaking up the fresh water of your Word so I can bear your fruit.