A Light Burden

Jessica Bratt Carle

Read: Matthew 11:28-30

You will find rest for your souls. (v. 29)

The word “burden” comes up a lot when illness or injury renders someone dependent on the care of others. “I don’t want to be a burden,” some will say, anxious not to cause undue strain on their loved ones’ time or finances. While these are genuine concerns, they also tend to reflect how foreign it can feel to rely so drastically on others. Most of us are used to taking care of our own daily needs, and the prospect of needing someone else to do them on our behalf feels like asking too much. Indeed, caregiving can be challenging emotionally, physically, and financially, but it can also bear unexpected fruit. The often tender opportunities to meet the needs of a parent or spouse can impact us deeply with the bond of that relationship and its changing dynamics over time. Caregiving can be a labor of love that is more of an honor than a burden.

Caregivers in turn need to be surrounded by support as well, so that if they do feel weighed down by the responsibilities they have assumed, others can relieve them from time to time. Those who are in need of bodily care remind us that we all live in various forms of dependence, and that we are equipped with the gifts of love that enable us to meet each other’s needs. Whether you are in a season marked by providing care or receiving care, may you find the rest that Christ offers. —Jessica Bratt Carle

Prayer: Lift our burdens and strengthen us through love.