Soul Food

Chic Broersma

Read: Psalm 34:1-14

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! (v. 8)

Recall stopping your car at roadside fruit and veggies stands? Of course you do! And There’s nothing like freshly picked produce from the garden or fruit from the orchard.

Psalm 34 calls us to enthuse even more over a table laden with spiritual food and drink. “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!” To experience God’s goodness we need to seek him and trust in him daily. At the same time we must be alert to sins that tempt us while we also develop a greater conscience, a greater sense of our responsibilities toward our good God and the needy human family. As you look around you and review your past years isn’t it evident that God does bless those who obey him, while those who disregard the laws of God suffer for it?

As we sing or meditate on this psalm we’re giving God glory and teaching ourselves to continue doing so. If we hope to spend our eternity praising God, it’s appropriate that we should spend as much time as possible doing so here and now. It’s a good thing to keep set times for giving praise to God as the psalmist did. Most of us find this discipline hard to maintain. Happily there is a way to give praise to God that is open for all of us undisciplined types. As we go through the day we see many occasions that are ripe for praise immediately. So let’s do so then and there. —Chic Broersma

Prayer: Feed me Lord. Receive my praise.