God: Sovereign Lord

Douglas VanBronkhorst

Read: Jonah 4:1-4; Romans 9:19-25

Who are you, O man, to answer back to God? (Rom. 9:20)

Lord, shall we give Jonah his wish? He deserves to die for his bad attitude alone.

No. True, he deserves to die, but so do all people.

But, Jonah is so open and horribly wrong. He is critical to your face!

I told you he has courage. It’s misapplied, self-righteous, and foolish, but nonetheless courage. He still thinks he’s right to be angry with me. Sadly, though, his courage is deteriorating into a sinful stubbornness. Jonah needs a lesson in grace. It’s not a failure of knowledge (he knows the truth about me) but a failure of application. He lives by my law but ignores my grace and can’t see the problem. But this sin is just a symptom of the real spiritual disease. He struggles to let me be Lord of his life, especially when my ways are not his ways. A lot of my people do that. I have a plan for this world, and all its people, that will bring righteousness, justice, truth, and love. It will soon be fully revealed. That is my promise. But Jonah doesn’t trust me to do what’s right.

I love Jonah, and I require his obedience. I am giving him many opportunities to open his heart to my love and my sovereign rule in his life, but this story and his opportunities are also nearing an end. —Doug Van Bronkhorst

Prayer: Lord, may I daily give you all of me; and I ask that all of me be used by you. Amen.