Preparing for God’s Call

Rob Donoho

Read: Joshua 3:1-6

Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” (v. 5)

God gave Joshua a plan to enter into the Promised Land. Before the people of God could enter this land they needed to consecrate themselves, to formally dedicate themselves to God’s cause.

Signing up to serve on the Mexico mission trip was easy. After confirming God’s call I expected we would need a meeting or two to organize the trip and then be on our way. However, our pastor leading the trip required each of the participants to attend four training sessions in the months before the mission.

During this time we prepared our mission plan. Whom were we going to be serving? What would be our attitude? What was our plan to get to the mission site? What was our plan once we were at the mission site? We needed to address all the logistical details. Most importantly, we needed to prepare our hearts, to consecrate ourselves to God’s service.

During the final training session our pastor showed videos of the families we would be helping. We learned their story, why they needed a home, and what circumstances they faced every day. Suddenly, the mission trip became much more than a task to be completed. It became an act of love towards real people with real needs.

Who is God asking you to love today? How are you preparing to answer this call? —Rob Donoho

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for preparing me to be a blessing to others. Consecrate my heart with your love for those who need it.