God Is Calling You

Rob Donoho

Read: James 2:14-26

So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. (v. 17)

James makes it clear that while we are not saved by our works, we need to examine whether we truly know Jesus Christ if we aren’t obeying his commandments and serving in God’s kingdom. We might be big fans of Jesus, but God isn’t looking for fans. God is looking for people willing to speak his Word, feed the hungry, house the homeless, and hug the hurting.

You may have been involved in different ways serving Christ in the past. Perhaps you feel like you’ve paid your dues and it is someone else’s turn to step up. Maybe you feel inadequate and ill-equipped to serve God. You might feel too busy to serve right now.

Whatever your reason, remember that God gave you this day for a purpose. It is a gift to you from him. How will you use this gift? He expects you to use it to follow him wherever he may call. In doing so you will experience God’s blessing. Ignore the call and you will miss part of God’s plan for your life. I encourage you to accept this calling, whether it is going on mission to build houses for the homeless or whether it is simply to encourage a neighbor with the good news of Christ. Answer the call! —Rob Donoho

Prayer: Lord God, open my eyes to your calling for my life and give me the courage and the strength to follow this calling, whatever it may be.