The Beginning of Endings

Steve Petroelje

READ: Genesis 3:1-24

Therefore the LORD God sent him out from the garden of Eden. (v. 23)

Sin turns beginnings into endings. Sin brought an end to the wonderful relationship Adam and Eve enjoyed with God, replacing it with shame and guilt. Sin and selfishness damage earthly relationships, cause people to lose their freedom for crimes they have committed, or bring an end to unity in a church. Since we now live in a sinful world, we face the realities of sickness, terrorism, falsehood, violence, theft, and death. These bring an end to good gifts from God such as health, freedom, peace, and life. No matter if it’s the sin of others, our own sin, or just part of living in a sin-tainted world, sin can be the beginning of an end.

Adam and Eve’s sinful disobedience ended the beautiful and pure life in the garden. Our first parents are to blame, but as their descendants let’s also look in the mirror and see the sin in our own lives. Although we have inherited a sinful nature, each of us also sins against God individually through wrong thoughts, words, and actions. Our own sin damages things that have started well and leads to painful endings.

How has your sin led to a painful ending in your life? How has it negatively affected others? As we will see in tomorrow’s devotional, there is hope for us in Jesus Christ! Our guilt and shame can come to an end!

God of grace, forgive me of the sins I’ve committed, sins that have led to brokenness and premature endings. Amen.