The End of Guilt and Shame

Steve Petroelje

READ: Romans 8:1-11, 28-39

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (v. 1)

We look forward to some endings. For example, we are relieved when we wake up from a bad dream and realize that it’s over and it wasn’t real! Likewise, we may celebrate the end of changing dirty diapers or weeks of physical therapy following a surgery to correct a painful condition. We also celebrate the end of a stressful situation, the end of a project, or the end of a grueling time at work. However, one of the greatest endings we can celebrate is the end of guilt and shame.

Our sin separates us from God. It hurts us and hurts others. It saddens a holy and loving God who wants us to follow him rather than our own selfish pursuits. When we repent of our sin and tell God we are sorry for it, asking him to forgive us through the atoning work of Jesus Christ, we can experience an end to our guilt and shame.

Let us confess our sin and seek God’s forgiving mercy so we can have a fresh start through Jesus. Through Christ Jesus, God restores and takes away our sin and condemnation (see Rom. 8:1, 31-34). When we have sinned against others, confessing that sin and seeking their forgiveness can also bring an end to guilt, shame, and broken relationships. Confessing our sin leads to a welcomed ending!

Merciful God, I’m sorry for my sin. Cleanse me from guilt and take away my shame. I praise you for putting an end to my condemnation. Amen.