The Coming Nations

David Bast

READ: Isaiah 2:1-5

. . . and all the nations shall flow to it. (v. 2)

A common assumption is that in the Old Testament God cares about the people of Israel, but in the New Testament he cares about all people. A second century heretic named Marcion went so far as to suggest they were two different Gods: an angry Jewish one and a loving Christian one.

A closer reading of Scripture explodes this notion once and for all. The God of the Bible is one–holy and gracious, concerned for his chosen people and for all nations. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob–and Jesus.

Isaiah foresees the day when Mount Zion will be lifted above the surrounding hills, and the nations of the world stream into Jerusalem to worship the Lord. But the emphasis falls just there–on their coming.

Jesus will turn this exactly around. He will send his disciples from Jerusalem out to the ends of the earth. In Isaiah, Jerusalem is a magnet, attracting all peoples to Israel’s God. For Jesus, Jerusalem is a launching pad, rocketing his followers out to reach the nations. We have to take our message to the nations, not wait for the nations to come to us.

That’s why Words of Hope takes the gospel to “the hard places.” Today millions of people are not Christians for the most basic reason: they’ve never heard of Jesus Christ. The God of the Bible cares about that. Shouldn’t we?

—David Bast

Pray for one of the hard places.