David Bast

Read: 1 Corinthians 3:5-9

We are God’s fellow workers. (v. 9)

A popular term floating around today is the word synergy, which literally means “working together.” That’s the word Paul uses to describe himself and Apollos–and by extension all Christians. We are God’s fellow workers, God’s synergoi.

Does God require co workers? I don’t think so. After all, he created the entire universe all by himself, without any help from us. But then why does he take us on as his partners in mission? If it is not for his sake, then it must be for ours. Have you ever let your young child or grandchild help you out with a household project? You surely didn’t do it for the sake of greater speed or efficiency. You did it because you love the child, because you want him to learn and grow and stretch himself, because you know it will help her to feel important.

No doubt employing us as his partners is a very inefficient way for God to accomplish his work of salvation. After all, God could have used angels to convince everyone of the truth about Jesus. How impressive would angelic preachers be! God could choose some night to rearrange the stars in the heavens so that they spell out “Jesus is Lord!” Then everyone would know the truth. But he chooses instead to use us–our words and actions, our halting, faulty, often awkward witness to Christ–in order to bring life to the world.

In doing that God gives our lives eternal significance.

—David Bast

Lord, help me to work with you today.