Tell Stories

Susan Hetrick

Read: Mark 4:1-20, 33-34

With many such parables he spoke the word to them, as they were able to hear it. (v. 33)

Jesus told a lot of stories, which we call “parables.” They were short stories illustrating a spiritual principle. Jesus’ parables compared God’s kingdom to something else, in order to help people grasp God’s overarching story.

From the beginning of time people have been telling stories. Most of the book of Genesis, for example, began as oral stories passed down from generation to generation. We know this because writing wasn’t invented until about 3200 bc, and some events in Genesis occurred well before that.

There is great power in storytelling. Stories have the ability to teach, comfort, warn, make us think, and change lives. They assure us that we are not alone; they help us understand ourselves, our world, and God. Our stories have power. If you had told me 25 years ago that my story had power, I would have laughed at you. On the other hand, back in 1995 God pulled me out of a liquor bottle and has kept me sober ever since.

One of the most powerful stories you can tell is how God has worked in or changed your life! You may not realize it, but telling your story might let someone know that there is hope. Your story might show them that they aren’t alone. Your story just might save someone’s life. So what is your story? —Susan Hetrick

Prayer: God, you are a God of stories. Help me see my own story as part of your story, and share it with someone.