Keep Divine Appointments

Susan Hetrick

Read: John 4:4-30, 39-41

And he had to pass through Samaria. (v. 4)

Most Jewish people in Jesus’ day despised the Samaritans and would rather walk around Samaria, going more than 90 miles out of their way, than walk through it. Not Jesus. He had a divine appointment with a woman at a well in Sychar. Their appointment wasn’t about a drink of water, or her marital status. It was about the pain in her heart.

This woman was an outsider in her village. She was seen as “unclean” and people avoided her. In our culture “outsiders” might be immigrants, addicts, ex-cons, or the homeless. Jesus chose to befriend outsiders. Where we see differences, Jesus saw people in pain. Jesus always saw a person’s heart.

While shopping, a woman who smelled like she hadn’t bathed in weeks asked me about a certain brand of shampoo. Then she told me her son had killed himself recently, and she wasn’t coping; she couldn’t sleep, eat, or make decisions. Most days she couldn’t leave her house. I listened as she cried and talked about her son. We prayed together, then she smiled and bought her shampoo. This was a divine appointment. She needed someone to acknowledge her pain, and remind her God still loved her.

When you encounter an outsider, do you see them as Jesus would? Perhaps they need to be reminded they are loved. It could be a divine appointment; be sure to keep it. —Susan Hetrick

Prayer: Lord, when you have set divine appointments for me, remind me to see people as you do.