Susan Hetrick

Read: John 15:9-17

These things I command you, so that you will love one another. (v. 17)

If we learn only one thing by following Jesus, it’s that he demonstrated to the world what love looks like. He called his disciples “friends” and assured them that when one gives up everything for one’s friends—even his own life—that is love.

Jesus also calls us his friends! And he did give up his life for us, just as much as for his friends in Jerusalem. This is a mystery, just as many things about God are mysteries.

Some of the last words Jesus spoke on earth were about love, indicating this was what he thought most about, at the end. Jesus reminded his friends that love is a verb—an action word. Love is more than affection, more than an emotion; love is a decision we consciously make. It is a decision to act on behalf of another; whether it is adopting a stray dog, rocking a baby, feeding the homeless, leading a Bible study, or caring for the sick. Love is about giving something of yourself, for the benefit of someone else.

Jesus demonstrated what love in action looks like throughout his entire earthly life and death. As his followers and friends, we are to imitate his example by loving one another. There were no conditions to the love Jesus gave to the world, and there shouldn’t be conditions to the love that we offer either. The love of Christ is unrestricted and absolute. Share it with someone today. —Susan Hetrick

Prayer: Christ, thank you for your amazing love. Teach me to love like you do.