Jeff Munroe

Read: Genesis 2:4-25

It is not good that the man should be alone. (v. 18)

I am hooked on a reality TV show called Alone. Ten people are dropped off separately on a remote section of Vancouver Island with a handful of survival items. No camera crews follow them—each contestant is responsible for filming his or her adventure. It is gripping to watch each one try to carve out a living in extreme conditions.

They have to battle the elements and predators, find dry wood and get clean water, build fires and shelters. None of it is easy. But by far the hardest challenge each competitor faces comes from being alone. Being alone for an extended period of time presents a rigorous psychological test. Mental health is challenged when we don’t have contact and communication with others. Of course, believers know the truth of this because it is expressed in the opening pages of the Bible: God looks at the man he has made and pronounces, “It is not good that the man should be alone.” God intends for us to be connected with others.

Although related, being alone and feeling lonely aren’t the same thing. Loneliness is a complicated emotion that comes when we don’t feel connected, and some of us feel lonely in the midst of crowds or even our own families. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll look together at what the Bible has to say about being alone and about loneliness, and discover several promises God makes that are good news for lonesome hearts. —Jeff Munroe

Prayer: Lord, give us your insights into being lonely and alone.