The Source

Scott Hoezee

Read: Galatians 1:11-12

For I would have you know . . . that the gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel. (v. 11)

Most of Galatians is Paul’s desperate, loving attempt to bring the Galatians back to the gospel. Very soon Paul will get to the specifics of what is wrong with the message false teachers were preaching, but before he does that, he lays the foundation for his argument: namely, the source of his message.

In seminary students begin with a course named “Prolegomena,” which means “the first words,” and the first word in theology is the inspiration of Scripture. If you are going to build a theology based on the Bible, you need to be sure from the outset that the Bible is reliable. If we have no reason to believe Scripture, then we also have no reason to build on that foundation because it turns out to be a shaky, possibly false, foundation.

So also in Galatians: Paul is going to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ against the false message taught by others, but before he does, he tells the Galatians that wherever the false teachers got their ideas, Paul’s ideas came completely from God himself. If you want to argue with Paul’s message, take it up with God! The gospel did not come from any frail human imagination but was the revelation of God. You can trust this message because no less than Almighty God delivered it to this world. When it comes to the gospel, the source of the message speaks volumes. —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: Your word is a lamp unto our feet for which we thank you, holy God.