No Turning Back

Scott Hoezee

Read: Galatians 4:8-11

How can you turn back again to the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world? (v. 9)

Because of Christ’s work, we get to call Almighty God “Abba, Father.” We have been brought into the family because that is how loving the real God is. That is good news! It had not always been that way for the Galatians, of course. Before Paul preached the gospel to them, they had been slaves to lots of false gods, to what Paul calls the “elementary principles of the world” (v. 3).

What are such “principles”? Pleasure and the drive to be endlessly blissful through sex or drinking. Greed and the incessant drive to get more, earn more money, possess the biggest and best of everything. Or maybe even guilt and serving gods who are angry, bullying, terrifying, and who make you do bizarre things to appease their wrath.

Serving these things promises the possibility of happiness, but they never deliver. False gods are always hungry for more. People addicted to sex never get enough of it. People addicted to alcohol never get to their last drink but keep drinking until they black out. People addicted to money never think their bank balance is quite good enough. But, Paul says, Christ has set you free from all that! Revel in his grace. Rejoice to know that God has provided all you will ever need to have peace! Don’t turn back to bad-news gods. Embrace the living God and know joy! —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: Where else would we ever turn, O Jesus, for you have the words of life.