The Mystery of Belief

Steven Rodriguez

Read: Isaiah 6:8-10

Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive. (v. 9)

What is going on with God’s message to Israel? Why does he tell them to look but not see? Is he being sarcastic or intentionally provoking them? Is it a sign of exasperation or resignation? Or, perhaps most disturbingly, is God intentionally shutting their eyes?

God’s words in Isaiah 6 are difficult for us to hear. They push deep into the mystery of how God’s revelation and human unbelief can co-exist. Why is it that, when it comes to reading the Bible and hearing the gospel, some people just don’t seem to get it? Jesus quotes these words of Isaiah in all four Gospels. It must have been important to him, too. But Jesus does something else in the Gospels that should give us hope: he opens the eyes of blind people.

If we believe, it’s not because we have somehow dodged God’s blinding of our eyes. No, we were all blind–sinners when our mothers conceived us. Like the man in John 9 who was born blind, Jesus is a mystery to us, but we cling to the knowledge that in him, we are no longer blind. Instead of feeling some kind of spiritual pride because we think we have avoided spiritual blindness, maybe we should wonder at the mystery of God’s grace, that he has come to us at all and opened the blind eyes of our hearts! —Steven Rodriguez

Prayer: Lord, I do not understand your ways, but help me to cling to the truth that you have opened my eyes.