Remember That You Are Remembered

Steven Rodriguez

Read: Isaiah 44:21-28

Remember these things, O Jacob . . . O Israel, you will not be forgotten by me. (v. 21)

I once met a woman who stitched together dozens of intricate, unique quilts and gave them away to friends and family. After a while, she had made so many that she lost track of what quilts she had made and for whom she had made them. To help her remember, her husband began to gather photographs of each quilt and compile a photo record book of them.

For the last years of her life, the woman battled dementia. As her memory continued to fade, a friend visited her often and showed her the photo album of quilts. Her friend sat with her and patiently asked her about each quilt, jogging her memory and trying to reestablish pathways in her brain. Slowly, as her friend reminded her, she would remember her own memories of each quilt and each friend and family member who had received one.

When the woman died, friends and family from near and far came to her funeral with the quilts that she had made for them. They displayed them all along the walls of the funeral home. They were an expansive reminder that she was not forgotten. They would all remember her.

It’s the same, and even more so, with God. We can take comfort in the fact that, even if we forget God, God does not forget us. Remember that you are remembered! —Steven Rodriguez

Prayer: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”