What Am I Supposed to Do Next?

Jon Opgenorth

Read: Exodus 3:1-6

God called to him. (v. 4)

Many kindergarten teachers ask children on the first day of school, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Children often draw their answers. What did you draw? I drew a truck. Why? Because my dad drove a truck and I wanted to be just like him!

The answers change as we grow, but the question follows us through life. The high school student asks, “What college?” Then, “What major?” And then, “Who will hire me?” The question lingers deep into life. “What am I to do with (however much is left of) the rest of my life?” In the Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis calls this longing “the secret signature of each soul.” What we want, he writes, is this: “Beyond all possibility of doubt you would say ‘Here at last is the thing I was made for.’”

Whenever I read of Moses at the burning bush, I think, If only I had a burning bush, that would make knowing and doing God’s will so much easier. Yet Moses remained unconvinced and unwilling. What does it take to truly know the voice of God?

I am inviting you on a two-week journey to pay attention to God’s voice. We’ll use Exodus 2-4 as a biblical model for discerning God’s call.

Where does your life find you today? Moses was 80 years old that day at Mount Horeb. God wasn’t finished with him yet. And God isn’t finished with you, either. —Jon Opgenorth

Prayer: God, help me to pay attention to your voice.