In Pharaoh’s House

Jon Opgenorth

Read: Exodus 2:10

He became her son. (v. 10)

Our experiences shape our lives in ways we cannot always know. The God who “knitted me together in my mother’s womb” knows this (Ps. 139:13). For example, my parents paid me to memorize Scripture. At a dime a verse, I learned that longer passages earned money quicker! I thought of memory work as a means to get the next toy. Years later, I became a preacher. This practice of memorizing God’s Word became a lifelong habit that has allowed me to step out of the way and let Scripture speak to the soul of the hearer.

It’s a big deal that the daughter of Pharaoh made Moses her son. Moses learned the language, manners, and indeed, the whole culture of the Egyptian king. For 40 years he breathed the air of Pharaoh’s world. God was preparing Moses for a task he couldn’t imagine, but one for which he was uniquely qualified. We see this pattern repeated in the New Testament when the Holy Spirit confronts the apostle Paul in Acts 9 with a stunning vision and a command to proclaim the name of Jesus. His past? A scholar trained to know the Hebrew Bible inside and out. Who better than the top student in Pharisee school to proclaim how all Scripture leads to Jesus.

Just as God uses people to shape our lives, God also plans experiences to prepare us for his future, even if we cannot see now. What past experiences is God using now to shape your life? —Jon Opgenorth

Prayer: God, help me to see my past as a gift from you for my future.