Joel Plantinga

Read: 2 Peter 3

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (v. 18)

In 2012, Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester produced a video of his daughter growing up. It comprised 14 years of weekly videos of his daughter Lotte, taken every Saturday, to capture the age-old observation that our kids grow up right before our very eyes. In just under five minutes, we watch a newborn become a beautiful young lady and marvel at her growth.

It saddens me to see one come to the decision of being a Christian but never developing any further. We are called to be and make disciples, fully devoted followers of Jesus who become more like him each day. Growing in Christ is an intentional and relational process whereby God graciously transforms how we think and live. This is not just for those who seek to lead; it’s the calling of every Christian.

While spiritual growth isn’t as physically obvious as in the video portrait of Lotte, there are very real ways in which growth (or the lack thereof) is revealed. The fruit never lies about the health of the tree. The same is true of us. Our attitudes and actions all reflect the condition of the heart, and God gives us the calling and resources to grow in him. If someone was able to capture your level of discipleship in a picture, how different would that picture look now from a year ago? What kind of changes do you hope to see a year from now? —Joel Plantinga

Prayer: Holy Spirit, move in us and transform us into your image more each day. Amen.