Stay with Me Now

Denise Vredevoogd

Read: Psalm 27

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? (v. 1)

Do you get tired of hearing bad news? Recently I heard about several tragedies including the senseless death of a father of three young children, a couple expecting their first child whose baby will not survive, and a teenage girl who has run away from school and has been missing for weeks. Death and disease or disappointment and despair touch everyone’s life at some point and make us want to wail, “Where’s God?”

The poet in Psalm 27 speaks for many of us when he says, “Listen, GOD, I’m calling at the top of my lungs: ‘Be good to me! Answer me!’” (v. 7 Message). He begs God not to turn his back nor to abandon him, but to open a way of escape and give direction for his life. Yet he also asks God to simply be present. With confidence he states, “So, with him on my side I’m fearless, afraid of no one and nothing” (v. 1 Message).

Trials are more tolerable when we know that God is on our side. Focusing on God’s goodness, spending time with him, contemplating his creation, and earnestly seeking his presence will allow us to keep a positive perspective when negative news assaults us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. “Stay with GOD! Take heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again: Stay with GOD” (v. 14 Message). —Denise Vredevoogd

Prayer: O Lord our light, our salvation, and our stronghold, help us to wait for you with courageous hearts.