A Higher Hope

Christy Prins

Read: Acts 16:25-34

Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them. (v. 25)

Iran has one of the highest levels of religious persecution in the world. Christians there are sometimes thrown in prison, often secretly, so that family members don’t even know where their loved ones have gone.

Words of Hope’s ministry leader for Iran tells of one young Iranian man who is serving a four-year sentence for following Christ. One night he and a few other Christian prisoners were taken to the condemned cell, the holding pen for prisoners scheduled to be hanged in the morning. Rather than being overcome by fear, they felt assured that the Lord was with them. They used the opportunity to evangelize, and several condemned prisoners became Christians that very night. The young man was soon moved back to his regular cell, but now he hopes he will be sent back again so he can be used to make an eternal difference.

In the hardest situations, where does our hope come from? The testimony of this young man, and of Paul and Silas, tells us that it doesn’t ultimately come from a hardship being resolved. Even though the young Iranian was removed from the condemned cell, he wasn’t released from prison. His hope is in Christ, the Lord of his eternal home. No matter the hardship in your life, look to Christ today, and the eternal hope that he offers. —Christy Prins, WOH staff

Prayer: Lord, help me to hold on to your hope today. Amen.