Seeking What Is Hidden

Jeff Munroe

Read: Song of Solomon 3:1-5

I sought him, but found him not. (v. 1)

“Very few people come to see me because they want to discuss something God said to them last night. The majority come because they cannot get God to say anything at all” (p. 51). With these words in her book When God is Silent, Episcopal priest Barbara Brown Taylor opens the door to the experience of most Christians. Like the bride in the Song of Solomon, too often we seek God but find him not.

Like the searching bride in the Song, all of us can identify with the experience of seeking God and not finding him. Many great believers—including Mother Theresa—have experienced the absence of God more often than his presence. We seek him and find him not. But is it God who is not there, or us who cannot see him? I love this line from Frederick Buechner’s Godric: “God’s never gone, it’s only men go blind” (p. 61).

God does speak and act in our world, but he almost always does it in a way that is mysterious and hidden, a way that leaves room for people to miss him. I am knocked out by the verse at the end of Matthew when the resurrected Jesus appeared: “And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted” (28:17). Some doubted! The risen Lord! God never overwhelms, and as a result, always leaves room for people to miss him. —Jeff Munroe

Prayer: Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord, we want to see you.