Wait Staff

Amy Clemens

Read: Psalm 123

Like servants, alert to their master’s commands, like a maiden attending her lady, we’re watching and waiting, holding our breath, awaiting your word of mercy. (v. 2 Message)

Today is World Day of Prayer, a perfect opportunity to consider our communication with God. The psalmist has us imagine ourselves at the foot of God’s throne, watching for the slightest movement of his hand. Suddenly, I am more waiter or waitress than one anxiously waiting; paused with order pad, watching and listening for what the King of heaven wants. This is active, confident waiting—not impatient, desperate, distracted, or passive. It is waiting that expects a signal at any moment, so attuned that I would hold my breath rather than miss what happens next.

Think of the best waitress or waiter you’ve encountered. Maybe they anticipated your needs, or graciously served without interrupting. Maybe you warmed to their kindness or humility. On the other hand, irritating servers may have been nervous, overzealous, or too busy to notice your signals.

I wonder what kind of server I look like to God as I pray. How do I compare with Jesus, who made time with urgent ministry demands to be alone and listen? Without listening intently for God’s word of mercy—a word of mercy not for him, but for us—Jesus would have never chosen the path of the cross, and neither would I. —Amy Clemens

Prayer: King of heaven, thank you for your many words of mercy to me, foremost in your Son who listened and obeyed perfectly. May I, like Jesus, be the wait staff you deserve.