Resurrection Blessing

Amy Clemens

Read: John 20:19-23

Peace be with you. (v. 19)

The blinds are drawn. The doors, locked. The mood is fearful. Despite all attempts to keep recent, horrifying events at bay, the mourners are intruded upon. From out of nowhere, a voice speaks. They freeze—startled—confused because they had shut the door tight. But the voice is familiar and the words, comforting.

We call this moment “the resurrection blessing,” for it is a resurrected Jesus who enters the locked room by a way only he knows. Like any good priest or pastor, he enters with a blessing, “Peace be with you.”

After the resurrection, Jesus entered the locked room where the disciples were hiding so that he could comfort and reassure them. Today, Jesus is still in the business of drifting past locks and walls. He has a way of getting past whatever  obstacles we have put in place to guard our hearts. We are  afraid so often, and of so much. We batten down and hunker down, but Jesus can still enter by ways we don’t know and speak peace in the midst of our tempest-tossed hearts. What a blessing to trust and accept the peace he brings. To hold on to the sound of his voice when everything else is chaos; to find rest in the midst of the storm. —Amy Clemens

Prayer: Perfect High Priest Jesus, I once begged you to enter, and then restricted your wanderings. Pass through my locked doors and speak your resurrection blessing to my heart again. To be at peace with you is truly the protection I need most.