Easter People

Amy Clemens

Read: Revelation 21:1-5

Behold, I am making all things new. (v. 5)

Every morning when I face the news, I shudder. Where are these “all things new” hiding? I expect to wake up and see evidence, but it eludes me. And yet, this is the proclamation of God.

Easter morning, Christians mostly think about what happened for us, or what happened for Jesus. But before we skip to the “Hallelujah” chorus, let’s ponder what happened for God in the death and resurrection of his Son. He drew near to us, experiencing human pain, suffering, and death through Jesus’ crucifixion. And as he accumulated past, present, and future sin into all that is holy and right, he experienced an unfathomable magnitude of betrayal and agony. Then, in the darkness of the tomb, it eased. Sin and death were swallowed up, finished with mocking his plans.

The Son he sent on mission to reclaim his whole world came back in victory, with joy, to sit beside him. No more sacrifice. No more separation. A perfect High Priest offering perfect intercession before the throne. Power over his enemies, sin and death, and peace with his imperfect, gullible, inconsistent people. Peace, just the way it was supposed to be from Eden forward. All things new! An Easter people renewed because God sees evidence that eludes us. —Amy Clemens

Prayer: Unfathomable God, as we share in the resurrection miracle of Jesus—all things new—give me a taste, a glimpse, of what you did at Easter, and what you are doing today. And give me faith to believe until the day I can finally see.