What God Can Do with Three Days

Amy Clemens

Read: Acts 9:1-19

And for three days he was without sight, and neither ate nor drank. (v. 9)

In the years immediately following the death and resurrection of Jesus, a zealous persecutor of Christians rose in power. His conviction caught the eye of Jewish rulers as one who could end rumors of resurrection, and he took his job seriously—arresting, persecuting, even killing followers of Jesus. But his conviction caught the eyes of God, too.

What in the world did God see in the heart of this man, so determined to thwart his will? The unredeemed Saul was a murderer, but he had a heart for the one, true God. That separated him from the religious leaders for whom Jesus had such sharp words. The words he had for Saul were, simply, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” And Saul’s response, “Who are you, Lord?” suggests an openness to hearing more. And so, under Jesus’ brilliant gaze, Saul became Paul (“small”), experiencing a type of death and resurrection that also changed history. He entered a tomb made of his own great legal mind, skill with language, and personality, and emerged three days later with a redeemed name, past, and future.

You and I could also be in the middle of a resurrection miracle because we who follow Jesus serve a God who can do amazingly, abundantly more than we imagine with just three days. —Amy Clemens

Prayer: God, you bring me to my knees in awe. How you can change the world in three days gives me hope that the hard places in my own heart are not too much for you.