On the Other Side of Salvation

Steven Rodriguez

Read: Exodus 20:1-3

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt. (v. 2)

In our Scripture today, we come to the beginning of the Ten Commandments. The commandments of God are part of a story. They are not just a set of dos and don’ts. The Ten Commandments did not just drop from the sky. They come from God in the middle of the story of the exodus. Before God gave the Israelites the Law, he saved them from the forces of darkness that had enslaved them in Egypt for hundreds of years. The judgment of God had already passed over them, because their houses were covered by the blood of a pure and spotless lamb. They had already passed through the baptismal waters of the Red Sea. They were already marked as God’s beloved people.

Like the Israelites, we come to the Ten Commandments on the other side of salvation. Jesus Christ has already fulfilled all of the demands of the Law. He stands in front of us, beckoning us to follow him in the power of the Spirit. We don’t have to pursue the Ten Commandments as a to-do list. It’s not an entrance exam or a religious competency test. As strange as it might sound, the Ten Commandments are like a love letter from God. They are an invitation to love him back, to enter the story that he has already started, and to be changed forever. Will you enter in? —Steven Rodriguez

Prayer: Lord, thank you for saving me. By your Spirit, fill me with joy to live inside your commandments.