Remembering Our Spiritual Fathers and Mothers

Steven Rodriguez

Read: Mark 1:9-11

A voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son.” (v. 11)

How does Jesus invite us to fulfill the fifth commandment, “Honor your father and your mother” (Exod. 20:12)? When the Spirit descended on Jesus at his baptism, when the voice from heaven declared, “You are my beloved Son,” God was opening up the love of the Trinity for us to see. And as we are drawn into this love, God is making a new family. Jesus became our brother so that we might become daughters and sons of God. Unlike natural families, linked by blood and genetic code, this family is joined together by the blood of Jesus, the waters of baptism, and the fire of the Spirit. And in this new family, we are given not only new brothers and sisters, but also new spiritual fathers and mothers.

Because the Spirit joins us together as a new family, we have many fathers and mothers in the faith. Can you look back on your life and name spiritual fathers and mothers who have raised you in the faith? It may be someone who led you to faith, it may be someone who taught you as a child in Sunday school, it may be someone who sat with you in prayer during a difficult time, it may even be someone who challenged you and called you out on something. If there is such a person, have you ever thanked them? If nothing else, thank God for their testimony, and in so doing you can honor your spiritual fathers and mothers. —Steven Rodriguez

Prayer: God, help me to honor my spiritual family.