The True Prophet in a World of False Witnesses

Steven Rodriguez

Read: Mark 14:55-72

And Jesus said, “I am.” (v. 62)

Jesus Christ is the true witness who exposes the lies of the world. During his trial, Jesus fulfilled the ninth commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exod. 20:16). He witnessed to the truth of his self-revelation with just two simple words: “I am.” He told one of the biggest truths of all, that in Jesus Christ, God was with us in the flesh. He bore witness to this truth with his whole being. And with his simple and powerful testimony, Jesus testified against us, his neighbors, but truthfully. His words exposed the lies of everyone around him.

The contrast in his trial is striking. On one side, false witnesses spoke lies about what Jesus said and who Jesus was. On the other side, Peter lied about his personal relationship with Jesus. Everyone else in this story is a false witness. Jesus is surrounded by lies and deception on all sides. From a spiritual perspective, however, the tables are completely turned. It is actually Jesus who stands in judgment of the world, exposing its duplicity. It is he who testifies to God’s love openly, by his words and on the cross. There are gaping holes between what we say and what we believe. But Jesus is the truth. By his wounds, he can heal the wounds of our gaps of integrity. As his truth exposes the rifts of our duplicity, our best response is, like Peter, to weep. —Steven Rodriguez


Prayer: Lord, let me weep for my duplicity and listen for your truth.