Finders Keepers

Lou Lotz

Read: Matthew 13:44-46

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, [for] which a man . . . goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. (v. 44)

What has happened to us? People once ripped the roofs off houses to get to Jesus. Fishermen dropped their nets to follow him. Believers embraced martyrdom rather than deny him. Missionaries traveled the world to preach the good news. What did personal cost matter compared to “an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison” (2 Cor. 4:17) that God has prepared for his people? The point of the hidden treasure and pearl of great value parables is unmistakable. The gospel is a treasure. Do whatever it takes to possess it. Risk everything. Don’t hold back.

Does the gospel seem like that to you—a treasure? As I look around me, I see people for whom, so far as I can tell, the Christian faith is a dull duty, a burdensome routine. Sadly, I see it in myself. Once faith was an adventure. I couldn’t get enough of Christ. But somehow, over time, the adventure settled into a ho-hum predictability. Settling for the good, I neglected the best. What happened to us?

Life is brief, and I am growing old. My yesterdays far outnumber my tomorrows. I don’t have time for imitation pearls. I want what’s best. I want the treasure. You want it, too, I know. Good news: the treasure is still there, still ours for the taking. Grab it, says Jesus. Claim it. Risk everything. Don’t hold back. —Lou Lotz

Prayer: Lord, I give myself to you.