Compassion that Leads to Action

John Koedyker

Read: Mark 8:1-10

I have compassion on the crowd . . . (v. 2)

The thing about Jesus is that he always has compassion for people. If he is truly God incarnated and was walking around on this earth, that ought to give us great encouragement. It’s the best news ever! God really cares for us!

He certainly showed he cared here in the verses we read today. Again, a great crowd had gathered and they were hungry. By the third day they had nothing to eat! Something had to be done! Jesus refused to turn a blind eye to human need once again. So he goes to his disciples. But they are of no help. They just shrug their shoulders and pathetically reply, “How can one feed these people with bread here in this desolate place?” Obviously, they have no idea what to do. Nor do they really seem to care.

We may not like to admit it, but it is human to want to avoid the trouble of giving help. But it is divine to have compassion and do something to relieve suffering. The key to the whole thing is this: when Jesus is present, there is always a way through whatever difficulty may present itself. So Jesus and his compassion go to work. Even more amazing is that Jesus takes what little the disciples and we have and uses it. And not only uses it, but multiplies it so that the enormous crowd is fed. Likewise, God sees our needs and provides for us in abundance.

—John Koedyker

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for having compassion on us. Amen.