Devotion Declared

Michelle Christy

Read: John 12:1-7

Leave her alone, so that she may keep it for the day of my burial. (v. 7)

When Grandpa’s health rapidly declined, Grandma lobbied for a hospital bed in their bedroom. She insisted on keeping him home. Hospice assisted. Every night Grandma crawled into that bed with him. When others their age slept in separate beds, they shared a bed. This was no different. Grandma refused to forgo the opportunity to honor Grandpa still, with wholehearted devotion and love. They shared sixty-five years of hardship and joy. Grandma poured out every last ounce of her love upon him.

Three times, Mary of Bethany falls at Jesus’ feet. In Luke 10, she learns at Jesus feet. In John 11, Mary surrenders at Jesus’ feet when Lazarus dies. Here, Mary honors Jesus by anointing his feet. She gets it. By the weekend, Jesus’ body will be carried to the tomb. Without excuse or delay, she pours out upon him her devotion and love. Knowing her intent, Jesus defends Mary. Amidst disgruntled disapproval and the poor’s ever-present need, Jesus comes first. When Jesus comes first, he is enough. He is enough for every need, every task, and every trial that follows. When Jesus sees devotion, he defends.

To whom or to what are we devoted? While we have people and causes we devote ourselves to, can we say we are devoted first to Jesus? I want to be like Mary and put myself at Jesus’ feet—while it is yet light, while it is yet today. —Michelle Christy

Prayer: Jesus, may our desire be wholehearted devotion to you.