Transition Time

Michelle Christy

Read: Luke 2:41-52

Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house? (v. 49)

A word that currently describes my life is transition. This is fueled by the completion of ten years serving with my husband, the president of Northwestern College (Iowa); the graduation and marriage of our eldest; the college journey for our middle child; the relocation to a different home; and the anticipation of a parent entering memory care. Though anxious, I remember that Jesus isn’t lost in all the transition. When Jesus sees anxiety, he assures me that he is right where he promises to be.

Mary enters a season of transition. After losing Jesus, she confronts him at the temple with the force of three day’s grief. Mary emphasizes that his absence induced “great distress,” which in Greek means intense pain, torment. But Jesus’ answer points her in a new direction: submission. At Gabriel’s pronouncement, Mary submitted herself to God’s will (Luke 1:38). Now, in Jesus’ pronouncement, she must submit to her own child. All of which foreshadows Jesus’ own death on the cross. In each transition of their relationship, Jesus calls Mary to entrust herself once again to God. Jesus was not lost; he was where he needed to be.

We experience transition. We grieve. We stress. When we can’t find Jesus in the process, we imagine all is lost. In our anxiety and anguish, Jesus assures us he is about the Father’s will. He’s working for our good and to the Father’s glory. —Michelle Christy

Prayer: Jesus, we trust you are exactly where we need you to be.