Kingdom Vision—Perfection

Amy Curran

Read: Luke 14:15-24

Go out quickly into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame. (v. 21 NIV)

In this parable, the guest list changes dramatically at the last minute. The guests one would expect to be at the banquet were too busy. Those with time to feast were the people nobody would have thought to invite. These unexpected guests became the guests of honor. They appreciated the feast for what it was. Jesus tells this parable to challenge our understanding of what the kingdom of God will look like. Do we imagine that the kingdom will be a place of immaculate perfection? Do we imagine it will include only respectable people—those whom we might expect to find around the table?

We often have parties on my street. We have potlucks and celebrate birthdays. We look for reasons to have feasts and dance parties, and we often find them. My neighbors with disabilities are better than I am at celebrating. While I am busy with my own agenda, they often recognize that celebration of one another should take priority. Like the folks in the parable, they make the time for the important things.

These neighborhood celebrations are the closest thing to heaven I have experienced. Because of this, my imagination of the kingdom has expanded. Before, I would have assumed that everything I saw as “imperfection” would not be a part of the heavenly feast. My friends helped me expand my imagination and prioritize what is truly important. —Amy Curran

Prayer: Lord, help us make time for what you value. Expand our imagination of your kingdom.