Come In at the Door: Follow Jesus

Ericka Loynes

Read: John 10

I am the door of the sheep. (v. 7)

With a name like SafeHouse, you might assume this place is eager to welcome people in. But once you arrive at this spy-themed Milwaukee restaurant, you’re in for a surprise. You won’t find a foyer to wait in or hostess station for check-in. Instead, you’ll find the door is closed and locked, and only those with the secret password get past the door.

A door is one of the many objects Jesus compares himself to in Scripture. In his masterful storytelling fashion, Jesus engages the crowd with a parable about a door and sheep. Good shepherds know their sheep and name them, and the sheep know their shepherd’s voice (v. 3). Good shepherds nurture their sheep with lush green fields, keep them safe from inclement weather, and protect them from unsavory characters. They value the sheep and rush to their aid in time of need. The entrance to the sheepfold is not open to just anyone. To gain access to the sheep, you must go through the shepherd.

If we’ve accepted God’s gift of salvation, then we are one of his sheep (Ps. 100:3). If we’ve not accepted that gift, then we’re not part of his flock. Jesus wants to be our Good Shepherd (John 10:11), and he promises to lead us to greener pastures. To join the flock, we must go through the Shepherd.

—Ericka Loynes

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for being the Good Shepherd and caring for us, your sheep. Give us courage to tell others about you.