Is Anything Too Hard for Me?

Duane T. Loynes Sr.

Read: Jeremiah 32:16-27

I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? (v. 27)

The late Bishop Chandler Owens, in a powerful autobiographical sermon, recounts the time in 1979 when his wife, Shirley, was diagnosed with an incurable disease and given a short time to live. Owens recalls going home to pray. He opened his Bible for encouragement, encountering these words in Jeremiah: “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” Owens prayed for his wife, believing that the will of God would be done. Thirty-nine years later, Bishop Owens has passed away. But his wife is still alive.

In today’s passage, Jeremiah is in trouble. Although he was unswerving in prophesying God’s word, his messages offended King Zedekiah, leading to Jeremiah’s imprisonment. Jeremiah tries to remain loyal, even buying a parcel of land while in prison as an act of faith that God would eventually restore Jerusalem. Jeremiah prays, recognizing the power of God, the sinfulness of God’s people, and his own confusion. Jeremiah was faithful—how could this happen to him? Then, God speaks. He acknowledges his judgment of the people but promises that, ultimately, restoration will occur.

Sometimes, we face obstacles that appear to be insurmountable. We try to be faithful, but we wonder about the plan of God amidst the presence of suffering. In times like these, we need to be reminded that when the odds seem stacked against us, we still serve a God who can do anything. —Duane Loynes

Prayer: God, thank you that nothing is impossible for you.