Do You Want to Leave?

Duane T. Loynes Sr.

Read: John 6:60-69

So Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you want to go away as well?” (v. 67)

Years ago, I served at a church with an interesting pastor. Whenever he would encounter someone that he hadn’t seen in a while, he would ask, “Are you still following Christ? Or have you traded him in for something better?” Although meant partly in jest, his question reflected the reality that many individuals who joyously start lives of obedience to Christ end up changing their minds when some component of Christianity proves too intolerable for them.

We see this dynamic in John 6. Jesus is teaching truths that many of his disciples took to be hard and perhaps offensive. Emphasizing the role of the Father in salvation, Jesus acknowledges that some would not believe and would reject him. This proved to be too much for some, and from that point on, many of Jesus’ followers left him. Turning to the twelve disciples, Jesus asked if they too would leave him. Instead, they affirmed their faith in him. After all, where else would they go? Jesus was the Holy One of God who held the words of eternal life.

Many of us have probably known at least one person, if not several, who started the walk of faith but, ultimately, turned their backs on God when things became rough. The Christian life is not easy. But blessed is the one who realizes that Jesus is the only way to the Father, the one who holds the key to eternal life. —Duane Loynes

Prayer: Lord, you have chosen us, and we believe you will keep us.