The Gift

Tammy De Ruyter

Read: Luke 21:1-4


And he said, “Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them.” (v. 3)

She wheeled into my office grinning from ear to ear. She and “the kids” had just returned from a luncheon excursion outside of the nursing facility. Unhitching the clasp of her purse, her shaky hands reached in and pulled out the gift: two Knott’s Berry Farm jelly packets. “Here ya go!” she proudly proclaimed in a voice that rattled with age.

Residents of the home don’t get out much. She couldn’t possibly know that these jelly packets sit on restaurant tables all over Los Angeles, all over the country. What she did know was that those jellies represented the treasures of her day, and she wanted to share them with me.

One day while teaching in the temple, Jesus observes the rich pouring vast amounts of wealth into the treasury. Then he sees a widow give her two tiny coins. Outwardly, the rich give great quantities, but inside, their hearts are far from God. The poor widow, however, gives lavishly and out of love. And Jesus approves.

God does not want our meager sacrifices or stilted obedience. He desires hearts that are willing to enter into a wildly generous love relationship with him. My friend gave what she had and she gave joyfully. Let us do likewise! — Tammy De Ruyter

Prayer: Lord, help us to view all that we have, all that we are, as a gift from you. Help us to give generously and joyfully out of what you have given to us.