Our Neighbor Who Moved In

William C. Brownson

Read: John 1:1-18

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. (v. 14 NIV)

When I’m drawn to think about the grandeur and glory of God’s Son, I turn my attention to John 1:1-18. Staggering statements are made there about the person called “the Word.” He was “in the beginning”—eternally existing. He was “with God,” in fellowship with him always. The Word also “was God,” sharing in God’s very being!

When I reflect on these verses, I start to celebrate. On a night in 1944 when I first heard the gospel, I received Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I believed in his wonderful name. How marvelous it is to realize—in that moment I became a child of God! I love that phrase in verse 12: “the right [or power] to become.” What I never could achieve on my own, never hope to attain, was simply given me—the moment I believed! The right or power to become children of God means we are born supernaturally, not of blood or of any human power, but born of God.

Next comes the grandest of mysteries. Along with the rising of Jesus from death, this is the other supreme miracle of the Christian faith. This majestic Word of whom we have been learning—one with God, through whom all creation came into being, this life and light of humankind—somehow made himself one with us. The Word became flesh! Isn’t the way the Message’s paraphrase describes it beautiful? He “moved into the neighborhood” (v. 14). —Bill Brownson

Prayer: Bless you, Lord Jesus, that in your mercy you came to share our life!