Let It Be

Scott Hoezee

Read: Luke 1:26-38

Let it be to me according to your word. (v. 38)

Angel visits scare people to death. It was no different for Mary who never expected such a thing in her little bedroom. But no sooner does Gabriel arrive than he turns the tables. Mary need not feel honored that Gabriel was there. Gabriel was honored that Mary was there and he greets her like royalty, like she were the bright and shining one! Clearly something big was up!

And it was. Mary was going to have a baby slightly ahead of schedule. But no sooner does Gabriel say that than he gushes on about thrones and reigns and kingdoms without end. It was a lot to absorb but Mary asks only one question: “How?” Zechariah asked that too and it didn’t go over well. But this time—maybe on account of Mary’s being highly favored and all—Gabriel simply answers it. Well, actually there was nothing “simple” about his answer. The “how” would involve a miracle. A big one.

There is no way Mary figured this all out. A thousand other questions were screaming in her heart. But right away you get the sense of why Mary had been so favored by God in the first place. Because she says only, “Let it be.” She accepts this stunning news, this fantastic role in a story that is finally bigger than the universe. “Let it be.” Good words, Mary. They brought good news to the whole world! —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: For all your plans and for the working of your salvation in our lives, let it be, dear God. Amen.