Scott Hoezee

Read: Luke 1:39-45

And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. (v. 41)

It happened again! Recently an archangel of God had visited Mary but acted as though Mary were the important one in the room. Now Mary visits her much older cousin Elizabeth, and she does the same thing, all but bowing down in front of Mary and asking why she deserved such an exalted visit from the mother of her Lord. Surely Mary’s eyes widened all over again. What was going on in her little life?

Then baby John the Baptist sensed the power coming into their home through what was inside Mary’s womb and apparently jumped inside Elizabeth the way we’d all jump back if we got an electric shock off something. What’s more, Elizabeth’s coming into contact with Mary caused her to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Filled! Long before Pentecost and before there were any disciples, Elizabeth becomes the first person in the New Testament who gets filled with the Spirit.

How can all this happen from what at the time was a fetus inside Mary probably no bigger than your thumb? Well, it happened because all the fullness and holiness of God was somehow inside that young girl. It’s mind-blowing. The effects on Elizabeth’s fetus and on Elizabeth herself were like sneak previews of what was coming into the world through Jesus. The very power of God was coursing through Mary now. From then on out, many people would jump back at the shock of that divine energy in the flesh! —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: For bringing your glory into one person, we can but cry “Hallelujah!” Amen.