Scott Hoezee

Read: Luke 1:67-79

. . . to show the mercy promised to our fathers and to remember his holy covenant. (v. 72)

A few days ago we took an initial peek at Zechariah’s song—a song he had perhaps been composing over nine months of enforced silence. It is a lyric song, and anyone familiar with Scripture recognizes it as an heir to the 150 psalms in the Old Testament. Maybe we should call it Psalm 151.

That would be fitting on multiple levels, not least because Zechariah’s song reminds us that although God was up to something new and exciting, all of these things were very much part of the Bible’s one grand story. God, Zechariah sings, is remembering “his holy covenant.” Yes, a new thing is about to burst into the world through the womb of the Virgin Mary, but in another sense it’s not new at all. It’s ancient. It is what God promised to Abraham already way back in Genesis 12. God was out to bless and to save the whole world, and that salvation would one day come as the fulfillment of the covenant promises God had made eons before.

The Bible finally tells just the one story. And because of how that story climaxes in Jesus of Nazareth, we can now see that grand narrative as also my story, your story, our story. We are people of the new covenant in Jesus’ blood, but that covenant is only the fulfillment of everything God has been up to for so very long. —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: Praise be to you, O God, for your plan of redemption and your covenant faithfulness! Amen.