Genesis Part Two

Scott Hoezee

Read: John 1:1-5

In the beginning . . . (v. 1)

John brings us back to Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning . . .” John was no doubt aware of Matthew, Mark, and Luke and so decided to write a Gospel that would stand apart. John chose not to include some things already well covered (the parables) but also to include things not previously reported (the “I Am” sayings of Jesus).

John also decided to begin his Gospel differently from the others by widening out his focus. John’s opening is cosmic! If Genesis tells us about the start of the original creation, John tells us about the start of a new creation.

More than just that, though, John reveals something we never knew before. As it turns out, when we read all those lines of “Let there be . . .” in Genesis 1, we are actually hearing the voice of the Son of God, of the One who became incarnate as Jesus. He was the active voice of creation, calling all things into being. The Father was in charge of creation and the Spirit was the power behind it, but it was the Son’s job to do the talking. “Let there be giraffes, let there be light, let there be tadpoles.” It was the One we now know as Jesus saying all that. It makes such great sense, then, that he also be the One who would come back in order to get ready for the day when he will speak another word: “Behold, I make all things new.” —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: For the power of creation and re-creation, we give you thanks, O Lord! Amen.