Scott Hoezee

Read: John 1:1-9

In the beginning was the Word . . . and the Word was God. (v. 1)

On Christmas Eve, we think about Jesus in many ways but probably not often as “Word.” Infant holy, infant lowly perhaps. That boy-child of Mary. The babe in the manger wrapped in swaddling cloths. But Word? Seems a bit cerebral, more of a concept. It does not invoke cozy images of a newborn with his mother.

“Word” is how John presents Christmas, though. There are endless debates as to the meaning of this term. In the Greek world, a “word” was a powerful governing principle in the universe. In the Hebrew world, the “word of God” represented the power of God. When God spoke a word, it was never just an idea. We remember Isaiah 55: when God sends forth his word, it always accomplishes what he intends. For God, word = deed.

The Son of God is that Word. He performed the act of creation (as we saw yesterday) and now has entered that creation to accomplish God’s salvation. And he will succeed because the Word just is God. Also, he’s not just a Word, John reveals. He is also Life itself. He is the true Light to illumine everyone. He is . . . well, you cannot exhaust explaining what he is. He is the one Word we cannot find enough other words to describe.

“Word” may not be our biggest Christmas Eve image for Jesus. But it packs a punch! It really is what Christmas is all about! —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: Word of God incarnate, make your home in my heart today. Amen.