Scott Hoezee

Read: John 1:14

The Word became flesh. (v. 14)

“Are you going home for Christmas?” Such a common question in December. We would all like to go home. And today some of us will, while others of us will remember a childhood home now long gone, as are Mom and Dad. Some of our own children will come home today, but others will not. Some cannot get home because it’s too far or too expensive. Sadly, others do not want to come home. There’s brokenness. There were those bitter words two years ago and we’ve not yet found a way to make up.

“Are you going home for Christmas?” We all want to. But here’s the thing: the only reason we have Christmas at all is because the Word of God left his heavenly home. “The Word became flesh,” John writes in this stunning verse. But the Word had to leave home to do it. He came down here and (literally, as we will see tomorrow) “pitched his tent” among us. The Word went camping. And camping is what you do when you are not home (which is why some of us don’t care to camp!).

John could have written “The Word was made homeless.” But the glory of Christmas is this: because the Word left his heavenly home, now we all have a heavenly home to which we will go one day. “There’s a room waiting for you,” Jesus will later tell us in John 14. You’ve got a home no one can take away. And that is the biggest Christmas gift of them all! —Scott Hoezee

Prayer: You, O God, are our eternal home. Thank you. Amen.