What Are You Worth?

Jen Petersen

Read: James 1:9-16

Let the lowly brother boast in his exaltation, and the rich in his humiliation. (vv. 9-10)

It’s easy to play the comparison game. We might compare ourselves with people who make either more or less money, or people who take fancier vacations. Sometimes we look at what other people have and think how much better or easier or more fun our life would be if we had what they have.

We even play the comparison game in the church. Sometimes we compare ourselves with others’ wealth and success, noticing who’s gone most of the summer at their cottage or who often comes dressed in fancy new clothes. Or we might compare who’s a better singer in the choir or who volunteers for more things. Sometimes we even compare who has an easier life or who faces more challenges.

James reminds us that such things don’t mark our worth. Material possessions will fade away in the end. Also, some people face more challenges in their lives, and some seem to skate through life easily. But an easy life doesn’t mean we’re more favored or that we’re better followers of Christ. Our faith isn’t measured by how many trials we face, but by how steadfastly we rely on God in both challenging and prosperous times (see Eccl. 7:14-18). If we have a lot, do we remember that God expects us to be generous for his purposes? If we have little, do we remember that God will always provide for us? —Jen Petersen

As you pray, thank God for providing and ask him to help you remember his provision.