On the Run

Ben Van Arragon

Read: Exodus 2:11-25

God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham. (v. 24)

We live in a divided culture: words spilled on social media degrade and dehumanize; hands are raised and weapons are drawn against those we see as a threat. Most alarming is the way the divisions of society have made their way into the church, with professing Christians adopting the militant and violent postures of our unbelieving public counterparts.

We see the same dynamic at work in Exodus 2, where oppressed Israelites adopt the dehumanizing language and violent acts of their Egyptian oppressors. Even Moses, who feels called to be a liberator of his people, resorts to violence—the only strategy his world has to offer. But violence doesn’t work. Not only does it fail to bring any relief to God’s suffering people, it creates a situation from which Moses must flee.

Moses flees into God’s grace and purposes. God brings justice and peace, but he does it on his terms. We must remember this when we feel overwhelmed by the injustice and brokenness of our world. God invites us neither to flee the world’s threats, nor resort to the world’s strategies, but instead to find our refuge in him. God didn’t unleash violent judgment to solve the problem of human sin. Instead, he took on our flesh, received our punishment at the cross, and rose to give us life. Seek God’s grace and wait on God’s intervention in your time of trouble. —Ben Van Arragon

As you pray, ask God to give you patience as you await help on his terms.